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Can anyone explain why my images aren't showing up?
MrCurtis (0)

I can't see what I'm doing wrong. Any ideas?
Thank you!

Answered by SixBeeps (5037) [earned 5 cycles]
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SixBeeps (5037)

The links in the editor aren't direct links to the images themselves. To get the correct link:

  • Go to the image in the editor
  • Right click > Copy Link
  • Paste into the old URL of the image
MrCurtis (0)

@SixBeeps Thank you for your suggestion. I'm really sorry but what do you mean by 'go to the image in the editor'?

SixBeeps (5037)

@MrCurtis If you click on the image file in the Files pane, a preview of the image shows up where the code usually goes, that's what I mean by that.

You'd then right-click on the image preview to open the context menu for the image, where you'd then hit the Copy Link button.

MrCurtis (0)

That's what I thought but I get pages of data when I paste.

SixBeeps (5037)

@MrCurtis Technically that is the image itself, which is weird since I thought maybe would give access to images through some sort of link.

My suggestion: Paste the image (not the pages worth of data, but the actual image file from your computer) into a reply to this comment, then use the MD tag that it gives you:

MrCurtis (0)

@SixBeeps Thank you - that works for me.

IMayBeMe (334)

When you preview markdown files on replit this issue sometimes occurs. Though I'm not quite sure how to fix this I would recommend reporting it to the bugs section: