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Can a person go to a private repl's domain?

So let's say I'm working on a project called 'example' in html. Can someone else go to ? If so, is there a way to prevent this?

Answered by Coder100 [earned 5 cycles]
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yes. They can.

You can't prevent it. The code is 'hidden' but that's it. Just name your repl something that is very very hard to guess because the name won't be public so the website can't be exactly found.


Thanks @Coder100! Do you know if they're going to fix this?


@p1ckl3 That's not really something that's 'fixable' per se. I mean, if they prevented people from accessing a certain domain, they would have to block you as well. In a sense, it's impossible to tell if it's you or not unless you add that functionality to your website yourself.


@p1ckl3 You can't "fix" it, that's not how websites work. Coder100's solution is the best you got, and it should work perfectly fine


no, because it's an intended feature.
Private repls are meant to have hidden code, but not hidden output. @p1ckl3


Actually, there is a way to prevent this. For example, if you are doing this in Python, follow the following code:

By the way, can you mark this as answered? That way, people know that this is correct. In Python technically, you can do this :P, but in this case its only preventing Cookie from viewing it. You can do this to other stuff, too.