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Can substitute a code editor like PyCharm?

Hi everyone,

I am learning how to code. So far, my experience with has been many times better than using code editors like Atom and PyCharm. That's why I am only using

But I noticed that experienced developers normally use code editors.

If I prefer, is it wise for me to continue using instead of code editors? Or should I learn how to use code editors due to some shortcoming of

So far, no one I asked was able to answer this question in a satisfactory way. I really hope you guys can help me demystify this very important topic.

Thank you,


I would recommend Replit for programming normal projects, but I will usually use a code editor if I'm working on something big.

kaldisberzins is a relatively new phenomenon. Most people who are now experienced developers learnt to code when all coding(pretty much) happened on a local editor. That is why they code on editors like atom, VS Code etc. but it does not mean that is any worse. Of course, it has some shortcomings like not being able to access when offline and limited functionality in some languages, but it is well on its way to being an all in one coding suite. Thanks team :). Anyways, i am guessing you are learning python, in which case is very good for the use. It can handle almost anything except for the most monstrous of projects and is relatively fast as well. I don't code in python myself, but what I have seen of other's projects it is good.


Your IDE doesn't prevent you from learning important skills used in the work force, so by all means, continue with! If a work place requires a certain text editor or IDE then that's fine, but you'll still be able to use the skills you've gained from

DEVIL86 is a really powerfull code editor


I have personally used JavaScript, Python and C++ in (m still green when it comes to C++) but both JS and Python worked just fine IMO. Of course I did data structures in JS and Python. So I don't know how handles projects. So yeah.