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Can I download all of my files/folders at once??

Instead of opening each n every file one-by-one and downloading them as zip. How can I download all of them or the entire folder at once??

PattanAhmed (1397)

If you are referring to downloading all your Repls in one zip file then, It's not possible, Sorry!

If your question was referring to download one Repl with all external packages then you can! by following the pictures below:

Then you can find your Repl(with all external packages) in your Downloads folder on your device

Hope this helps
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Coder100 (16904)

Hi! You can click the download as zip in the 3 dots menu (where you can also upload files)

Then, you will have to unzip it to run.

Bookie0 (5964)

normally, yes you can.

hum i did download as zip, and then on my downloads, i have a folder containing each file (,, and the packager files). Is this working for you?