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Can I create a free auto-graded class?
tlc35us (3)

I just did some lessons on the free auto-graded Javascript class. I found it confusing and there's really no lesson there like in your classroom video. I think I can do better by taking a public domain tutorial and editing it to fit this format. Since it's free and automated how much would I be charged? Whenever a "student" happens to find it and try it? Can I create a class without being a "teacher"? I also think it would be easier and more convenient than having the tutorial site in one tab and in another flipping back and forth between the two.

kpostal10 (31)

As far as making a class with out being a teacher all you need to do is go to Account, then roles and click teacher. Then a teacher tab will appear next to "my repls" where you can create class rooms. Also some good information under

timmy_i_chen (1155)

Thanks for posting, @kpostal10kposta !

To add on, students can try your public classes at any time if you share the community link with them - looks like this: where ID is the your classroom ID (the number in the URL).

You won't be charged anything for creating an autograded class that students self-enroll in. You must have the "teacher" role to create a classroom, but you don't have to be a "teacher" ;)