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CSS not working
isaiah08 (88)

Line 13 of static/style.css. Why does the background image not show up? Thanks!

Coder100 (19277)

works for me. Make sure you don't have any typos and your syntax is correct.
Also, make sure you are loading over HTTPS. For security, HTTP loaded things wor't work.



in your static/style.css file, you have the background-image: url('/static/background.png'), but your actual image spells backround.png.
Either rename you image, or change your background-image: url('/static/backround.png') to background-image: url('/static/backround.png')

like that.
IT should work


You spelled background wrong in the background-image url() property. The file is called backround.png. It is spelled background.png in the url() property. This should work. Please mark my answer if it did.