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C# UWP app install/uninstall/update ANOTHER C# UWP App

Hi All,

According to @Coder100 and my question (Link), I have chosen to use C#. What my problem was the UWP Apps (Which are newer and use native code VS WPF Apps) don't make an exe... So I won't be able to use my own installer/updater/uninstaller.

What I found out from this stackoverflow post is that C# can install the appxinstaller file. Now my questions are the following:

  1. In my installer app, I would like to get some basic data of installing. Like progress, completed, error, etc. How can I get this (I will be using the way shown in the stackoverflow question for all of this. If anyone has a better way, please let me know!).
  2. How can I make my installer app check for updates for all the apps/itself?
  3. How can I allow the user to uninstall the apps?
  4. How would I make my own certificate authority and use my own certificates for the installer app + other apps?     
    • So I would like to use my own certificate authority for the installer and I want it to install the certificates for the other apps.

Thanks All!

P.S. Links are fine too, you don't have to tell me exactly.

P.P.S I know if links are fine, why don't I find them myself? Well I tried and I couldn't find anything. Maybe someone else can help?