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Why did they change the URL from REPL.IT to REPLIT.COM? REPL.IT looks better!

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RYANTADIPARTHI has chance for this every few times in a year or so. They take this opportunity to do it. But it'll be back to soon.

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ahem, a simple search will suffice:

nothing other than the URL change will be made, and maybe change your bookmarks too

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said from this post:

Hi this was by mistake. We will be moving to .com in the next few weeks for a few reasons. One of them is that .it domain is really hard to deal with and renew. They only allow us to renew once a year which is risky for various reasons.

Another big reason is that the brand is little fragmented now and some people refer to us as repl and others as replit. This is a bit of a problem when people talk about the site and refer it to others as they might not be able to find it. Moving to replit solves this problem.

When we actually do end up moving things will work transparently and you'll be able to do see the embeds no problem.

I love .it too but given the trade-offs we think it's best to move to .com. will still redirect and you can type that in instead to save on characters ;)