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Coolboy62ksi (1)

Hello im looking for away to give me a server count so how many servers my bots in

Answered by InvisibleOne (3227) [earned 5 cycles]
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InvisibleOne (3227)

len(client.guilds) should give an integer number of how many guilds your bot is in

Coolboy62ksi (1)

It did not work i applied it to my bot and its showing the code do i need ‘ or is it “ @InvisibleOne

InvisibleOne (3227)

the repl is private, could you invite me to it or something? @Coolboy62ksi

Coolboy62ksi (1)

Yes but let me back it up first its for security reasons you will understand @InvisibleOne

Coolboy62ksi (1)

@InvisibleOne sorry for the late reply thank you for your help :)