Mobile: kinda weird, like maybe a bug

Hello everyone,

I am in mobile (ipad), and I am experiencing some difficulties coding.

It’s kinda hard to explain, so please bear with me, I’m gonna try and explain the best I can! :)

So on picture 1, let’s say I wrote print (“Hello World”)

If I want to delete the parantheses on the right, I press backspace on my keyboard,

However, my cursor is like 2 spaces away from the parantheses, but it still deletes...

Likewise, if I want to delete the quotation mark on the left, I am putting my cursor on right next to it.

But, instead I end up deleting the parantheses (I only clicked backspace once)

Also it’s not only deleting, if I want to type a caracter, it ends up appearing 2 “shifts” ahead. For some reason everything is shifted to the right. When I want to delete something, I end up deleting the character 2 spaces to the left.
Once again, I tell you I’m on mobile, so maybe this is just a problem with the UI of on mobile. I hope you understand, me and hope this problem gets fixed.

Also if anyone else has this problem, please tell me.

Thank you very much for taking the time to read until here, and any suggestions are greatly appreciated!

😊 😃 🙏 :] :D XD

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@Bookie0 I noticed on iOS, trying to set the keyboard into trackpad mode didn't work, so I think repl has it's own input engine.