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Beginner - ending a game

Hi! I can't figure out how to make it so that the game ends when the user types "no" into the restart()) section under my code.
I'm a beginner, and I am quite frustrated :(


To end a game, just first do import sys
Then place sys.exit() where you want it to stop.
I wouldn’t recommend doing sleep(999) because then the user might not know if the repl is done or not.

Hope this helps!


Thanks guys! Planning on doing a rick and morty prequel story thing so trying to figure out the technicalities before I enter everything in and it goes sideways :)


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By the way, all of your code has an extra indent for some reason.


Hello, I'm sure that's because their tab size is different than yours @BenjaminOBrien


@Coder100 I don't think so, but it doesn't matter anymore, edimoo fixed it. :|


First off, you dont need print(restart()), restart() will work as well. Second, make sure you place your restart() function calls in the right place, or else your game will continue to play even though you attempted to restart.

Also, if you just want the game to hang if the user types no, then just setup a while True loop like so:

You could also do this:

Hope that helped. :D


@BenjaminOBrien hey! thanks so much! It definitely did help :)


@edimoo No problem. :)


I think you just put return in there. Im not completely sure though.