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Bash repl not staying online
Crispyyy (1)


I have a bash repl that is supposed to stay always online and it's also boosted but it goes offline constantly. Help would be very appreciated.

Answered by adityavengata (18) [earned 5 cycles]
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adityavengata (18)

My friend has the hacker plan, and he has the same issue
Make sure nothing is running on the repl, and the repl is turned off. Then toggle the always on switch but dont press run, it should work.

RealSeRyKi (0)

@Crispyyy I have the same issue but instead of shutting down it restarts for me, if u happen to find a way to solve it please share it with me.

CodeMaster007 (113)

I think thats just a replit issue. If you would like, you could email replit and explain to them your issue. I never had this kind of issue before, so I cannot help much. The email is listed below..

[email protected]

Crispyyy (1)

Thanks for the response. I chose to reach out here because replit doesn't respond to emails. I will try though. Thanks

CodeMaster007 (113)

If you have discord, a lot of staff, moderators, replit people respond there so if you have discord, it may be a better idea to ask them there. @Crispyyy

Crispyyy (1)

@CodeMaster007 What's the best channel to ask in? I have tried asking in general but I get ignored. Lol

CodeMaster007 (113)

On the right side of the discord thing, there is list of a bunch of members and there status. There is also a staff section with moderators and stuff. If you click on someone, you should be able to direct message them. There, you should be able to ask someone directly what your issue is and what to do. @Crispyyy