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Ban Network
Pokedric (0)

I have a few servers. when i type "*nban" it bans a certain user in all of the servers the bot is in. How to do that?

OlauPla (169)

Why would you do that? I don't think someone would want that. If you want the user getting banned not using your bot just create a blacklist command

Pokedric (0)

@OlauPla i want to make it. Is there a problem?

OlauPla (169)

@Pokedric No I don't think it is against DISCORD TOS but I just don't understand how you would use that. But it is not my bot feel free of doing it either way. Have a nice day!

MrVoo (190)

You could get a list of every server the bot is in, and check every member's ID? That might be possible

Pokedric (0)

@MrVoo hmm maybe. I will try