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Auto complete not working
SimonNyqvist (2)


I have tried to look around to see if this problems has been solved earlier, without any luck.

The problem I have is that the auto complete does not work (as stated in the title) eventhough I have the "code intelligence" setting turned to enabled. Does anyone know how to solve this?

SimonNyqvist (2)

thanks for you answers guys!
it seems like it is a bit on and off. Now when it stopped working I just reloaded the page and the it was back. Strange, maybe it is a small bug.

Bookie0 (6571)


just check again that the code intelligence is enables, just to be sure ;)

if yes, and its still not working, you can try to reload page/delete tab.

You could also try to fork the repl.

In the case the solutions presented above dont work, looks like its a bug, you can report it to bugs here :)

Whacko (325)

Perhaps it is a bug. You can report bugs here.