What Programming Languages Should I Learn?

Hello, All!

From Today I am Gonna Be Learning New Languages, Such As:

Python, C++, Lua & Java.

Hopefully To Learn A Lot From These Languages.

Any Options On What Other Languages I Should Learn Please Let Me Know.

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As many as you want to honestly, it depends on what you are doing with coding.
As for the basics, most coders should at least know Python, HTML, CSS and JavaScript, and a lot of people know Java or a C language as well.
As for languages like Lua or Ruby, which are similar to python, they aren't really necessary unless you are planning on using them for something specifically, like Lua for Roblox or the few other game engines that use it, or Ruby for Rails.
I suggest you start out learning Python. Some people say it's better to learn a low level language like C++ but personally, I think it's better to learn a language with a simple syntax like python and work on the main programming concepts, before learning something like C or C++


Oh yeah and learn LOLCODE, that's very important for your programming career