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Anyone wants to join Python Team?
linanada (14)

Hi everyone, there is a new 2021 Python coding team for beginners and intermediate learners.
There is a max of 10 members.
Basically, there will be team challenges (projects to work on) on the home repl. Members can suggest projects and create repls for each project, the others can work on the project.
Everyone has to suggest at least one project a month and work an a project at least once a week. If a member is not active in the team for over 10 days, they will be removed.
Advanced Pythoners are welcome if they want to help.
If interested, you are welcome to join.
P.S: I posted on asked because you have to share a repl on Share (and I don't need to share a repl).

NeutralLite (11)

I want to join, you can sign me up

HermioneGrange2 (23)

I would love to join!! Do I need to upgrade my account though?

HermioneGrange2 (23)

hey, I'm really sorry But I actually just joined another team. @linanada

AnthonyMouse (82)

Don't know a lot of Python... but it'll be a learning experience...

linanada (14)

I am sorry for that, I will keep you in mind if anyone is not active, you could replace them.

Codenamewoke (0)

How many are beginners and how many are intermediate, beginner is asking

LuckyOreos (203)

I want to join!! I’m really active on here!!!

InvisibleOne (2976)

I guess I'll join, but I might not be very active


can i join?


@linanada ok
What are we doing today?

linanada (14)

Do you have any idea of a project? I have some common ones

JackLesher (14)

I don't wanna join, but I'ma upvote this cause this is a nice idea.