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Anyone can give me a brief through Web App development?
JW2005 (0)

Planning to make a website or web app using Django. Can anyone get me through how it works and what requirements are needed? I mean like specific skills or sth else needed inside. Pls help me !!!

Answered by xfinnbar (211) [earned 5 cycles]
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xfinnbar (211)

I recommend not to use Django, especially for a beginner or small application.

Things you will need:

  • A back-end server language (Python and JavaScript are the best choices)
  • A back-end server framework (Flask for Python, Express for JavaScript)
  • A front-end framework, if you want a mobile app-like experience (Svelte.js or Vue.js are the best choices right now)
  • A database, if you need to store anything (My own ScarletDB for small Python apps, MongoDB for JavaScript apps and large Python apps)
JW2005 (0)

@xfinnbar ty for the advice. Is flask easy to use? And do I have to use database? Cuz I am planning to make a Web app for the 4 calculators I have coded with my partner.
1)bmi calculator
2)normal calculator
3)qiadratic calculator
4)conversion calculator
These 4 are all easy n simple ones. And do u mind explaining those framework u mentioned?

xfinnbar (211)

@JW2005 For something like that, it doesn't even require a server, so you'll be fine with a HTML repl. You'll need to learn HTML, CSS and JS, but they aren't very difficult to get started with. HTML describes the content of your page, CSS describes the look and JavaScript describes functionality. Learn them here:

JW2005 (0)

@xfinnbar I am using python now. So I still need jss? Cuz I know html and css r essential for the Web page or Web app.

xfinnbar (211)

If you want functionality, you need JavaScript as it is the only language that can run inside the browser. @JW2005

JW2005 (0)

@xfinnbar omg... So I have to learn any language for running browser? This is going to be [ redacted by moderators for profanity ]. But I have finished coding the 4 calculators with python. So how should i make it into js? Or just remain the pytho thing and use js to do sth that can let python operate?

xfinnbar (211)

@JW2005 JavaScript is pretty easy to get started with, you'll not have trouble learning it, especially for building a calculator. JavaScript is conceptually similar to Python in a lot of ways so you shouldn't find it too difficult to port it over.