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Any Ideas For Game?
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Can someone give me an idea for a game that I can recreate using Python (Text-based) I am bored to death by schoolwork and need something to do.

Answered by Bookie0 [earned 5 cycles]
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Here's the list:

Here are some great ideas to get you started:

  • pacman
  • battleship
  • choice making game
  • quiz (like harry potter quiz, math quiz, star wars quiz)
  • personality quiz (like which house are you in HP, are you a nerd/jock/popular/idiot etc)
  • tic tac toe
  • pong
  • uno
  • dice rolling game
  • name/place/idea/story generator
  • HTML webpage about yourself
  • text based adventure game
  • simulator (Life sim, cooking sim, teacher sim, fighting sim, etc.)
  • hotel managment game
  • game like Among Us
  • game like Scribble
  • typing test
  • tycoon game (idle factory game, idle miner game, idle city game)
  • minecraft but simpler
  • ascii art/animation
  • url shortener
  • board game (monopoly, uno, risk, game of life, etc)
  • site like another site (site like repl.it, google, amazon)
  • clicker game
  • make a tutorial about something you know well of
  • learn a new language (like C, C++, C#, nodeJS, javascript, ruby, haskell, etc.)

If you need more ideas, you can just google on the internet "program ideas"; here are some results:




Good luck!

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Thanks a lot @Bookie0 . I REALLY appreciate the time and effort you put into suggesting these ideas for me. I will start working on one or more of these projects soon.

make a tutorial about something you know well of

In case you didn't know, I am actually @abdullahrajput9 and changed my name to @OldWizard209 and already did make a tutorial on Python here on which you commented. But I stopped editing it due to schoolwork burden.

Anyways, CAN'T THANK YOU ENOUGH for your effort in making this.



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Okie cool, good luck!! Glad this helped you!!

Have fun! ;) @OldWizard209

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Here are some

  • adventure game
  • UNO
  • 2048
  • typing game
  • calculator
  • future age calculator
  • age calculator
  • currency converter
  • random word generator
  • random number generator

Ping me if you need more

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Thanks but I kinda made all of these one way or another. I want to make something a little bit challenging, like a game. @RYANTADIPARTHI

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@OldWizard209 alright.

  • dice rolling sim
  • magic 8 ball
  • emotion teller by lists
  • target game

good enough?

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oh yeah thanks. but what is

emotion teller by lists


target game


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@OldWizard209 emotion teller is - give two lists. create an algorithm where when run, the program tells if anything in any of those lists are good or bad. like this.

list1 = [ "stupid", "you are awesome" "shut up" ] list2 = [ 'fool', "great" ]


bad, good, bad, bad, good

like that.

target is like an animation in console. The user fires arrows, and hits targets.

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hey, chill. It's just 5 cycles literally. Why cry over them. I marked the answer on my post. My choice. And anyways, he (bookie0)had given more ideas than you. sorry :| @RYANTADIPARTHI

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Here's a challenge for you: Minesweeper

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Thanks but I m sorry I can't mark ur answer.. @SixBeeps

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Hello, OldWizard209! Think about making the different video slot games for online casinos. I think in the future if you will create a fresh game, you can sell your project or start working with huge casino software developers like NetEnt or ScopeProject. Also, a nice idea for you will design some games with play to earn money model. For examples of this kind of games, you can look at the https://partnersinfire.com/passion-fire-2/gaming/apps-that-pay-you-to-play-games/ site. Have good luck with your projects, and have a great day!

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Thanks for the answer @jasminmosseri