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HTML : How to put images next to text that floats
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So I have this website I want to do in HTML. I have a bunch of text that is classified as "droite" and "gauche" (witch I want to be respectively equal to "float-right" and "float-left")
And I would like to put images near the text (like, when the text is at the right, I would like to have an image at the left)

But I have problems with the window. Like, when it is in a smaller window its easy everything seems rights but when the window is larger.... Well everything goes poorly. The images are bigger than the text, goes everywhere and what else. Plus, the text doesn't want to go at the right...

I really do not understand what is wrong. I try to change things with margins but it didn't change much. I try to make it float or cesse to float but nothing changed... I might have done it wrong tho...
Help !

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Answered by RYANTADIPARTHI [earned 5 cycles]
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then use margin for that. margin left, top, bottom.