Is anyone looking to join our website project
SpaceFire (124)

Hi we are looking for some devs to make 2D simulations for a website. We don't need many.

If you would like to help comment and i will send you the discord invite link.

If you don't have/don't want Discord we also made an email you can communicate to.


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HahaYes (1861)

Ah, sadly I'm a backend programmer.

HahaYes (1861)

@SpaceFire brb backend programmer man, js is frontend

SpaceFire (124)

@HahaYes Well, if you ever master the other half of programming let us know. If you want i can keep you in mind for when we need backend (fairly soon).

HahaYes (1861)

@SpaceFire Okie Dokie. Lemme go learn nodeJS

ChezCoder (1606)

@SpaceFire go to my profile and read my bio

if you dont want to, just read below:

  • im good at html css and js
  • im good at nodejs
  • im good at python

that about sums up what i can do XD
i can be your fullstack

SpaceFire (124)

@ChezCoder I sent your application to the corporate High Command

SpaceFire (124)

@ChezCoder UPDATE: High Command has reached a decision: we will take you in. What is your Discord?

ChezCoder (1606)

@SpaceFire alright, thanks ill join