What are Repl.it's guidelines for non-English posts?

I see quite a few non-English posts around here, and after some talk with other users, I was wondering, what should I do about it?

In the official guidelines, it states:

For now, we're not supporting non-English languages. This is due to the fact that majority of our users speak only English, and it's hard to moderate posts in other languages.

But what does that mean? Is it referring to a helpful comment in the post? Or something more like a report?

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Ah non ce n’est pas grave, moi aussi je fais des fautes parfois. C’est vraiment une drôle d’impression de parler avec quelqu’un en français, je suis habitué à écrire en français, surtout sur repl.it

Blamez pas

Lol @PYer