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Adding fonts in html

How do I add font to my text in html coding

Answered by seweed3 (6) [earned 5 cycles]
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seweed3 (6)

Do you want font or font size? If you want font you can do this:
If you have a h1 tag, and you want to change the size you can do <h1 style="font-family:x;">
You can put a font inside the x. Similarly this works for other text tags as well in html.

Coder100 (18125)

You will have to do that in css:

body {
  font-family: cursive;
aidanryan111 (0)

How do you add fonts to certain words

RolandJLevy (1083)

@PattanAhmed and @Coder100 have given some good links.
You can also use Google fonts. I made this example showing how to implement Google fonts:

PattanAhmed (1404)

I think this website might help you a lot
Click here

Hope this helps

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