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Accessing chrome headless through selenium webdriver

I am trying to see if I can use webdriver through selenium headless with I believe I have chromedriver.exe correctly applied in this setting as it is just how I have set up on my local IDE, so I am thinking my error may be caused by limitations in repl. Anyone have any experience with chromedriver on repl or just see what I'm doing wrong? Thanks


How were you able to get chromedriver working correctly in your repl? I've tried simply importing from a folder that I downloaded to my desktop, but I keep getting an Error [13] permission denied error.


@sethbowers97 The code works great in Jupyter, so I believe it to be a difference within the system. Is there a particular version of chromedriver that takes?


I guess you are following the Udemy Python course??
If that is the case, I would recommend using OyCharms instead of and also ask a question in Udemy rather than here because they answer much explicitly...

But... Hold ON
If u are not using Udemy, here is the problem:
You should have a path like:
/file1/file2/file3/chromedriver.exe if u r in windows or

/file1/file2/file3/chromedriver if u r in mac

To ge to now the path, just right click r=the driver and do copy path. Paste it into the executalbe_path parameter and remove the C: and swap the \ with /. I m so sorry this is a horribly formated answer. Ping me if u need more explicit explanation... @lcardot


According to the error, you don't have the chromedriver executable in the PATH. See here.


@SixBeeps I understand that, but from what I figured, if the file was in the folder I'm accessing, then It should be found, right? A lot of the things I've found are talking about adding the location of the file to the PATH environment variable, which I don't know if that is even possible with I'm also not really understanding the documentation for the link you sent.