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Accessing an excel file (read and write in each cell)
RihabMechlioui (2)

i dont know how to acsses any excel file ! coz i have to have that file in the python folder but since it s an online thing i dont know how to do it !! i used the path thing pfff nothing works ! should i get the pyhthon ide or it can work even online !!!

SixBeeps (5234)

You need to add the file to the Repl. To do that, either drag-and-drop the xlsx into the files pane or click the upload button

RihabMechlioui (2)

@SixBeeps i've already done that , but apparently there's something going on with repl .. even simple codes dont really work .. ..... but thank u anyway i ll try it later on

RihabMechlioui (2)

@RihabMechlioui hop now it works §§ i guess it was a repl issue yesterday coz nothing worked