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A few replit VNC questions

Hey there, I have a few VNC questions about replit. These questions are because I am trying to get windows running on replit in a sustainable way. (I already found a way to use Tiny10)

This is about the GUI that spawns up if your application has a GUI

  • How do they get the OS spawned up itself? Is this just a docker instance, followed by connection to the GUI, or what?

  • How do they get the VNC connected in the web browser? Which VNC do they use?

  • How do they make it so your repl has a VNC URL you can connect to? (this is for the noVNC thing)

If you know about this, please please PLEASE tell me, im super curious

Answered by RoBlockHead (521) [earned 5 cycles]
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RoBlockHead (521)

So all repls are docker containers, regardless of whether they have a VNC instance spawned. The VNC they connect using is called noVNC. You can connect to it using <repl>.<user>, but need to set a password (see for details). using the domain is the same reason that you can't run a webserver on a VNC repl. Previously, they were unsecured, but that posed some security risks haha


@RoBlockHead Ty, this really helps