Rust import packages on repl?
CaptainAnon (150)

I'm currently reading up on rust, and trying to run through some examples on I have, however, yet to figure out how to install packages. Does anyone know how to import rust packages (crates) into

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Answered by jfrank11 (7) [earned 5 cycles]
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AndrewBota (1)
  1. Make a new Repl Rust project
  2. In the terminal, type bash
  3. Type cargo new {project name}
  4. You should now see a new folder, navigate to the src file inside it and find the file. DO NOT CLICK RUN TO RUN YOUR PROGRAM!!! IT WILL ONLY RUN THE ORIGINAL FILE!
  5. To test run your new Cargo project, type cd {project name} in the terminal, and use command cargo run.
  6. If the run succeeds, open Cargo.toml and add
rand = "{latest version of rand}"
  1. Add use rand::Rng in
  2. You're good to go!