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pgzero template
amasad (3351)

pgzero is a framework that makes PyGame a lot easier to work with. I just added a simple starter template.

You can either find it in the templates sidebar or you can access it from the "new repl" dialog:

Let me know if you hit any issues.

HackermonDev (2009)

Is the onBoot command a new thing to .replit or did I just not know it was there?

amasad (3351)

@PDanielY it's new, i'll write docs soon

ovile9080 (0)

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DynamicSquid (4633)

Oh that's so cool! I don't even do Python but I know how hard Pygame can be sometimes :)

eekboi (285)

Honestly nice job Amjad, there's no way id be able to make this. For phones it is a bit laggy or maybe its just my os being weird, etiher way its still a really cool way of setting up things.