🎹 Discord Music Bots Native Support 🥁
amasad (3535)

At Repl.it we believe programming should useful, fun, and exciting. Discord bots have been something people loved to make with Repl.it ever since we enabled outbound network connections from repls (yes, we used to disable networking).

Discord music bots, however, didn't work very well if at all. At first, OPUS was missing from our Python environment. Then we also inadvertently blocked voice connections from our servers. So all in all it was a pain. However, today, I'm excited to announce that Music Bots natively work on Repl.it.

The only thing that's currently missing from our images is native ffmpeg support, but that can be worked around by installing ffmpeg-static from npm. I just added the following Python repl to templates to make it easy for you to get started.

I know it works in Node.js too but I didn't have the time to make a nice template. If anyone can make a very simple template for Node.js I'd love to include it in our template library.

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BlazeAnnex (6)

my bot gives me a error saying 'An error occurred: Command raised an exception: RuntimeError: PyNaCl library needed in order to use voice' isnt pynaci downloaded already?

taj0023 (0)

@BlazeAnnex Did u find a solution for this problem??? if so pls reply :)

BlazeAnnex (6)

@taj0023 yeah i did it was pretty easy tbh go to packages side and search PyNaCl and then download it and youre done

taj0023 (0)

@BlazeAnnex AAAAAHHHH TYSM BRUH........

SolarK (2)

@BlazeAnnex i know im late but how do you download it i are have stupid

SamirKhanGT (0)

@BlazeAnnex you need to download pynacl again from packages