New and improved Multiplayer launching Thursday 8/29
amasad (3449)

Update: TIS OUT

Hey everyone,

As many of you know we've been working hard to update Multiplayer to make it persistent and reliable. This meant that we had to rewrite the core of to make it collaborative at heart.

To make the transition to the new version possible we had to shutdown the current beta version of Multiplayer. However, starting today we're going to be rolling out the new version to more and more users.

So keep an eye out for a fancy new button on the header that says "invite."

To see the whole thing in action take a look at our updated Multiplayer video.

Finally, we'll be doing a more in-depth blogpost soon to share some of the technical details behind this launch.

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eaz (10)

but will it work on mobile?
i need to be able to help people from my phone

hayaodeh (199)

@eaz it's supposed to work from mobile, yes. Here how it looks like from my mobile

eaz (10)

@hayaodeh does it display well in horizontal? i only use my phone in horizontal
also, charge your phone

Zavexeon (1163)

@eaz Something like this:

hayaodeh (199)

@eaz It should look like something like this

eaz (10)

@hayaodeh ah, it takes the place of the console
if im Multiplayering on a repl with a server, will everything be able to display, or does something get covered?
(most of the personal requests i get for help are for bots with keepalives)

HackermonDev (2020)

@hayaodeh How about from the mobile app?

hayaodeh (199)

@AppliDev we don’t have a mobile app yet

HackermonDev (2020)

@hayaodeh The app Kognise is working on?

hayaodeh (199)

@AppliDev we’ll see how it goes and take it from there.

HackermonDev (2020)

@hayaodeh Wait, so you're saying Kognise app is not official yet?