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What do YOU think of repl.it's new homepage?
21natzil (1175)

In the past, when you visited repl.it and were logged in, you'd be redirected to your repls. While this was efficient, there was room to do so much more. So, recently the repl.it now redirects to repl.it/~, which greets repl.it members with the same options to make and open recently viewed repls like before, along with new features such as tutorials, and top Repl Talk posts!

This is a huge change, but what do you guys think? Are you satisfied with the layout? Do you want more, or maybe less? Comment, and let us know your thoughts!

P.S. ~ on linux is commonly used to identify the home directory

a5rocks (821)

I like it personally, though I do agree with people's criticisms that it has a little too much white space. At the same time, I have not really spent much time looking at it, so take what I say with a grain of salt.

mwilki7 (1136)

Just tossing ideas out there.

PaoloAmoroso (186)

Here's my feedback:

  • There's too much whitespace.
  • Sections learn with tutorials and introduce yourself! are not of much use to regular and experienced users, so you may consider showing them only in the first few sessions (e.g. 5) or for the first week of using Repl.it. Or it should be possible to manually remove unwanted sections.
  • Although I appreciate the focus of posts from the feed on the language(s) I use, I routinely skim all the latest Repl Talk posts for content of general interest to Repl.it users, such as the announcements of new features or language-independent topics like IDE tips or tutorials. So, in addition to posts from the feed, I'd like to have the feed with all the latest posts.

Thanks for asking!

Highwayman (1455)

@PaoloAmoroso I use both those all the time, maybe instead eventually work it in with a settings option to turn it off...? Idk

theangryepicbanana (1692)

There's a lot of empty space, and everything is kinda all over the place. If I could change where things are/what things are visible, I'd maybe like it, but for now I'm not a fan of it

moudy (112)

@theangryepicbanana thanks for the feedback! we're going to experiment more with this page so keep letting us i know what you think.

everything is kinda all over the place

i feel you. working on making the layout more digestible

AaryanMoin (4)

When you first go on the home page, it asks yo for your preferred languages. I accidentally hit enter without choosing the correct languages. As there was no confirmation pop-up, the home page is now set to always have a button to create PHP Legacy repls even though I don't code in PHP and I find it really annoying. I also can't find a way to add Python with PyGame to that list.

PYer (3651)

I prefer the repls page. I don't really like the tutorials at the bottom, that appear every time. In addition, I don't like the introduce yourself.

moudy (112)

@PYer thanks for the feedback! I think we'll end up making some of these things dismissable if you haven't interacted with them after a bit.

FrancisBrennan (17)

It's pretty pog. Sacrificing some of the repls' real estate is a minor annoyance, but it's nothing I'd get up in arms about.

mat1 (4418)

IMO the default monospace font isn't great.

cat_optimist (6)

Below are my opinions of the home page. I don't mean to be harsh, but I'd like to see this homepage morph into something better.

Too much whitespace (I agree)

I'd like to see more than 3 "Recently Edited" repl.its.

I dislike the feed, mainly because of the white space. Perhaps if you added 2/3 posts per row, that would remove the whitespace and organize the homepage as a whole.

"Create a repl.it" & "Recently edited" has (in my opinion) too small of buttons. I really like the "Learn with tutorials" buttons due to their size.

I don't see a button where I can change my main languages.

I must say that I'm so used to the "my repls" page that I immediately click that as soon as I log in. Perhaps that will change as it keeps updating. Keep up the good work!

cat_optimist (6)

@cat_optimist Update 10/29/2019: Alright, I like the sidebar. But please add a "student" section near the top where us students can easily access our courses. It took me a while to realize it was at the bottom.

Perhaps indent the sidebar words/icons a bit more in the middle of the rectangular area.

For templates, maybe having two columns would be best. I dislike seeing a long single-filed list.

Tutorials in the sidebar is not leading anywhere and highlights in blue as well as the last-selected item.

KeaganLandfried (35)

I think there should be an option for the repls page to be your homepage as many people are used to it. For example I've been using repl.it for almost two years so it's almost weird to have a homepage.

CodeLongAndPros (1596)

I would like my Editor and my home page to match color, so perhaps add a dark theme to ~/*?

LiamDonohue (291)

I joined 2 weeks ago lol

slickassassin03 (94)

Add a news page specifically on the home area! That would be really cool to see what you all have added and changed in our awesome online workspace!


In my opinion, it kind of sucks. I really liked the old version better. It is cool though.

AdCharity (1317)

It's pretty nice (even if people say there's too much white space, just zoom in and pretend it fits). It took some time getting used to the side bar and redirecting though. I think allowing users to configure where the site redirects and the location of certain options (just use local storage idk y you'd want to store all that user data) would pretty cool though.

VFDan (3)

It is much better, but it has too much whitespace, especially if you use dark mode (there are posts how to do it)

soccerboy08 (0)

ya it's really cool

DavidClone (15)

It's cool, and certainly in my opinion better than the old format. The fact that your options are now displayed on the side boosts the layout, but of course, improvement can always be made.

Highwayman (1455)

I definitely like the thing where you can just click on one of your favorite repl types. Makes it so I don’t have to hunt for and fork my polyglot repls every time I want to make a new one XD. It’s great! I will Admit though it was a surprise at first, the updates aren’t usually so big on ui

firefish (989)

I so love the ~ reference, I laughed when I saw it

nxd13 (0)

I started using repl.it last week since I am teaching an intro to python module in my class. Last week, I was able to create new python files and run them with no issue. Your new interface seems to require projects and only allows for a main.py. It will not allow me to add any new files. Is there something that I am missing? Is there some setup that I need to follow first?


I didn't like it at first, but now I actually like it a lot!