Introducing TypeScript Support and JavaScript Intellisense
amasad (3346)

TypeScript has grown stratospherically in the past few years. We just started using at (parts of our IDE is written in it) and it's also one of the top-requested languages on our platform. That's why we're thrilled to introduce TypeScript support. And we're not stopping there, we're bringing world-class IDE tooling with it that you'll get, for free, with zero setup when you open a TypeScript environment on

At the basic level, we have TypeScript REPL, and a TypeScript editor where you can build everything from hello-world to a multiplayer web game. On top of that, we're using Microsoft's Language Server Protocol to power our IDE features.


You'll be able to easily navigate in your code (click-to-symbol), preview a type definition, and of course, use the console to interactively explore your runtime as well as your type environment:

We're enlisting the support of our Universal Package Manager to make it easy to install packages from npm. You'll also get completion and hover for those packages:

On, you can build and host web servers in any language. TypeScript is no different! The only difference is that you'll get awesome autocomplete to make it easier for you to code your server:

What good is good tooling if it doesn't detect errors for you? Our TypeScript IDE comes preconfigured with a type checker and a linter:

If you want to keep your code tidy, we have just the tool for you. You can use autoformatting to pretty your code when it's messy:

Finally, one of the things that makes typed languages special is the ability to refactor and rename across module boundaries:

One more thing

We're extending most of those tooling features to our JavaScript/Nodejs environment so you'll be able to use LSP with autocomplete, format, linting, and all that stuff without writing a single type decleration!


We believe that high-quality zero-setup tooling will make it easy to learn languages or programming, will make people more productive, and it's just fun to work with. We're excited for the TypeScript community to start exploring so please give it a spin and provide us with your feedback.

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naughtnowwhen (0)

Thank you love it,

It's perfect for coding challenges without firing up VS Code...

How do you see the ouputted javaScript?