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Feedback for git support + the new GitHub integration
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has Hacker Plan

Hi All!
Git support + the new integration with GitHub is in the process of rolling out!
When the feature is enabled for you, we'd love to hear how we could improve, and what additions you'd like to see.

feedback so far:


"is there a way to create a .gitignore file? I tried making one but nothing happens when I press enter."

We're working on supporting this soon!


"Is this live? I don't see the git sidebar. Is this an explorer-only feature?"

We're currently in the process of rolling the feature out to everyone. Some users have it enabled currently.

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kindly emailed me with the following solution:

This issue occurs when git is exited in the middle of doing some action. It creates an index.lock file in the .git folder of your project that prevents future commits.

Can you try opening the shell (cmd/ctrl + "." -> type "shell" ) and running rm .git/index.lock? I'm having trouble tracking down exactly what causes this. Have any of the following things possibly occurred?

  1. working with someone on this repl via multiplayer and trying to simultaneously commit
  2. closing the repl while a git action was still loading (the sidebar would be greyed out at that time)
  3. being forced to reconnect by us while using git (the editor will reload and show "offline" briefly, and then a reconnect message will appear)