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Running cron jobs with repl.it 🤖 🕒
jajoosam (960)

Have any of you ever tried to run cron jobs, or scheduled tasks with replit?

Since repls sleep, you can't use inbuilt timer functions - meaning you'd have to use something like Uptime Robot to ping your site every x minutes. But - Uptime Robot always repeatedly pings your website, even if you only want to schedule a one time task, and you have to manually add a url to ping on their website.

Introducing kron

kron lets you schedule tasks using a simple get request. It's as simple as this 👇

Send a request there, and 1 hour (3600 seconds) after this request is sent, https://google.com will recieve a get request from https://kron.4ty2.fun.

Check out more details on the github repo - and let me know if you have any questions.

Also - would y'all like to see a tutorial on this, along with a full example app?

TheDrone7 (2002)

I say yes for the tutorial and full example app.

CoolCoderSJ (697)

hey does this still work?
I would really love to use it!

Abelli (0)

A webcron also works.