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Replit Discord: Summer Kickoff Celebration!! ☀️😎
frissyn (371)

Hey there, @everyone! Summer vacation is in full swing now, and to kick off the start of the season we’ll be hosting a Summer Kickoff Celebration all day here in the Discord on June 30, so come by and have fun!

We have an (almost) full day of games, events, and panels planned and you can hop in at any time to join in on the fun times. If you're planning on attending, please fill out this form so we can answer your questions during the Q&A panels: https://forms.gle/Vr9tCXiCG8VU62fJ7

There’ll be a Q&A with Replit Team members (and our very own Discord Manager 👀), a Hacker Royale, Kahoots and Trivia, and a lot more! There’ll also be an awards ceremony where we highlight some prominent community members and their accomplishments. If you’d like to vote for nominees, you can do so here: https://award-vote.discordmods.repl.co/

The Celebration starts at 11 A.M. (EST) on June 30, and lasts until 9 P.M, so invite a friend and join us! Make sure to join the Discord if you haven't already! https://replit.com/discord

Also huge shoutout to everyone who was selected as a nominee for the Replit Awards! Here are the award categories and nominees!

Friendliest Friend Award

Jack of All Trades Award

Perfectionist Award

Coding Wizard Award

Moderation Champion Award

Codemonkey51 (1060)

Lmao, @everyone on repl talk

ch1ck3n (2388)

@Codemonkey51 they should make it so it pings everyone

JakeHu2020 (34)

@Codemonkey51 https://replit.com/@everyone Everyone has no repls yet

JakeHu2020 (34)

Why can't you buy me one :(

Carnage498 (58)

I got "read you a bedtime story" @JakeHu2020. Weird I got some strange toddler stuff while u got them food. Man toddlers are a nightmare(No offense given to nice toddlers).

fuzzyastrocat (1867)

@DynamicSquid Even though I don't have discord, this ping brought me here so I figured I had to vote for the best mod around :)

(All the mods here are great tho, so no offense to anyone)

DynamicSquid (5027)

@fuzzyastrocat Aww thanks! I also had to vote for the functional coding wizard :)

fuzzyastrocat (1867)

@DynamicSquid Well thanku :D

edit: pronounce cute but unintended typo THAY-koo

Whippingdot (681)

Hey was the event fun?

And who won the awards?

kannibalistic (109)

... darn it i dont have discord

AlmightyDeaks (5)

rip all those still at school

ThanhTails (35)

DUDE! Looks like awards!

LeviathanCoding (1607)

Oh yay I won the award of perfectionist.

AvaniGali (2)

@LeviathanCoding Wow! I probably won’t win any award, considering that I don’t use replit.com much

20ALock (0)

Aww I can't get discord yet . . .
Wish I was there
have fun!

BIue (72)

2 more years and ill be able to use discord 🤏😤

Aivoybia (26)

@BIue wait what ur 11 y/o?

BIue (72)


AvaniGali (2)

@Aivoybia I’m even younger than that

Aivoybia (26)

@AvaniGali do you have parental consent lol

AvaniGali (2)

@Aivoybia Yes, of course, I needed an account on replit.com anyway because I was in a python camp.

Whippingdot (681)

but you aren't supposed to use repl talk @AvaniGali

Whippingdot (681)

thanks for trying to follow the ToS! @Aivoybia

BIue (72)

@Whippingdot that was me who was following the ToS

Whippingdot (681)

No the meaning I meant to convey is to thank him for trying to enforce the ToS @BIue

SilvermoonCat (458)

im sad i don't have discord :(
anyway exciting! I voted <3

Whippingdot (681)

Do you have to be on discord for the awards?

Also can you maybe postpone the celebration another 3 months so that I get to use Discord too? 😀😁



OldWizard209 (1638)


Also can you maybe postpone the celebration another 3 months so that I get to use Discord too?

Wait you are under 13? Because:

Well, because of that, you can't even use replt talk.... Sus

FlaminHotValdez (716)

@Whippingdot jeez just switched computers and emojis look so weird now

(And choose RolandJLevy!)

Whippingdot (681)

lol no not that, my parents don't allow me. My guess - my dad will say on my birthday that I can't use discord cause he doesn't want me to. Even though he promised I will be able to use it from my birthday, he will find some way to say no...He really hates discord cause he thinks it is not safe for me. @OldWizard209

Carnage498 (58)

It's safe as long as your not stupid @Whippingdot. But I think you'll get their. You got a lot of cycles anyways. I have been on repl.it for so long yet only have 2 cycles

Whippingdot (681)

now you got 6 ;)

I was very active, still am but I haven't posted in a while cause I want to study coding for some time before I do code...

Anyway cycles don't matter, you must be a good part of the community if you give optimism to people like you did to me. Good luck! @Carnage498

FlaminHotValdez (716)

Can I just say, it maybe isn't the best idea to hold kahoots when somebody just posted a kahoot flooder.

You know EXACTLY what I'm going to do aren't you? ;)

FlaminHotValdez (716)

@RayhanADev Yeah. But I muted the server since there's so many people lmao

candies (430)

@FlaminHotValdez youre gonna get banned with me then

FlaminHotValdez (716)

did you copy paste this from discord lol I noticed the @ everyone

F for the guy named @ everyone who got a random ping

RayhanADev (2621)

@FlaminHotValdez It's a reserved Replit account lol.

Nayoar (581)

jack of all trades more like mediocre at everything and good at nothing (thanks though lol)

DynamicSquid (5027)

@Bookie0 Oh.

Hmm... you should have been on the friendliest friend list

We actually had another category that you were in (and you probably would have won that), but we removed it last minute since there weren't enough nominees :(

Bookie0 (6407)

@DynamicSquid (🌊 = wave = 👋)

Oh lol that would have been cool! What was that other category (and even if there weren't enough nominees you could have just put me there alone hehe) :)

DynamicSquid (5027)

@Bookie0 Oh I thought you meant the wave as in wooooosh It was most improved :)

bennyrobert (45)

I feel sorry for @everyone who was pinged. This guy literally copied and pasted the announcement from the Discord.

frissyn (371)

lmao what'd you want me to do? I'll remove the ping but that account is reserved by Replit anyways.

bennyrobert (45)

Oh, I see. I didn't know it was reserved. In that case, the ping will be fine. @frissyn

ch1ck3n (2388)

@frissyn can you see how many pings @everyone has lmao

Dart (1201)

After reading the post I realized I have not yet won a reward

Carnage498 (58)

F @Dart. You should u got a lot of cycles. man I'm at 2 currently.The future awaits

klaxmimb (18)

@Carnage498 u can do it! just look up to the coder100

Carnage498 (58)

thx for the support @klaxmimb! =)

klaxmimb (18)

@Carnage498 btw let me be your successor. I'm at two right now.You're at TWENTY!

Carnage498 (58)

whelp I advanced over the days @klaxmimb. Best way: check the ask posts when u first login and see the latest. if not answered try your best to help and kindly say "mark if helped" I use that a lot =)
side-note. Do you play granny cause if not why is your pfp granny(the horror game).

klaxmimb (18)

@Carnage498 and thankx for the advice