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New Feature: Folders for your Repls

If you look at our top requested features, repl management is both the 3rd and 4th most requested feature. We understand that many people have multiple uses for Repl.it, and that they want to organize their repls to more easily find the ones they want.


To that end, we are happy to announce that you can now organize repls into folders on your repls dashboard. You can create as many folders as you like, and you can create folders within folders. Moving repls is a breeze - you can drag and drop repls into folders. If you want to move a repl or folder deep into nested folders and you don't want to drag it around too many times, you can do so by clicking on the 3-dots-menu and selecting "Move".

Selecting multiple repls is also a breeze. Hold shift to select a range of repls and folders, or hold ctrl/cmd to select specific repls and folders. Multiple items can be dragged and dropped into folders.

This is just the first step in a few steps we're taking to improve the Repl.it experience. Soon, you will have a special folder called "Unnamed" where unnamed repls will automatically go. If you wanted to get a head start on this feature, you can do so simply by creating a new folder called Unnamed in your home directory on your dashboard. Newly created repls will then go into this folder. We have more planned and in the works.

We're excited to see how users will use this feature, and we welcome any suggestions and feedback you have on our feedback boards. You can also leave a comment on this post.


🆒Now, I wish that I could share the whole folder rather than individual repl.it. Tx.


@ManavMisra Me too!!


Me too, I would like to be able to give url link to a public folder just like url links to repls.


Using ctrl or shift opens the repl in another window and I cannot multiple select them :(


@OrangoMango it's the same for me too


@OrangoMango did you get it working?


Thank you so much. This helps in so many ways! Repl.it is awesome for instructors & their students.


This is really cool thanks timchen!


Hi! I use folders a lot but have noticed that the red button for repl creation is gone. It used to be conveniently at the bottom left. Now I can only use the "new repl" button at the top, and it doesn't let me create the repls in the folder I'm in. Can you please add a way for us to directly add repls in the folder, rather than us having to click and drag every time?


@wolfs Yes - we're working on a fix for this now. Sorry for the trouble!


@wolfs Creating a new repl while in a folder should now work! Sorry for the trouble.


i am unable to multiselect using either shift and/or ctrl and clicking on ... makes the file open instead of getting the menu to move a repl properly. seems like something on the server end is not right.


nice but how do I reference my folder through a js script? i did var test = require('commands./test') commands is the name of my folder


The video is ridiculously fast...


it cant work...


I use this feature for teaching and have REPL Classroom. The service is great, but my only complaint is that there doesn't seem to be the option to sort assignments (which I use to house notes, etc) into folders. Will this feature be added soon?


How do I execute the files inside the folder? I know to execute a file only if it is NOT in the folder. Could you please guide me? Sorry I am still new to Repl.
[Edit] I mean in the console.


Hi! I'm new here and I wanted to try and start a project with a few friends. But when I try to create a folder it says "Successfully created a folder" but there is no folder and if I make a new repl, write a little and then leave, it's not saved either. Am I missing something?


the 3-dots-menu move repl to folder NOT work now
in a folder +new repl will NOT put new repl at current folder


@p3artschool I see the issue for the 3 dots menu - fixing now!

The folder + new repl will take a little longer to fix, unfortunately :(


@p3artschool 3-dots menu is fixed! Sorry for the trouble, and thanks for reporting.


@p3artschool Creating a new repl while in a folder should now work! Sorry for the trouble.