Weekly Challenge #1

Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening/Night to all beautiful replers! Today we are starting something very requested set of events. That's right!


For the new users who were not around the last time, we were hosting these. These are short coding challenges that you are required to finish within 1 week. A new challenge is posted every weekend and you have until the next challenge is posted, to finish that challenge.
At the end of every month, the total score of the 4 challenges held within that month is your score. The one with the highest score at the end of every month will be awarded free replit hacker plan!

To post your submission, just publish your repl onto apps and make sure to include the tag #weekly{n} and replace {n} with the number of the weekly challenge in the title. For example, for the submission to this weekly challenge, publish the repl that contains your submission on apps and include the tag weekly1.

More guidelines

  1. You are allowed to make only 1 submission. Only submit after you're completely sure about submitting your submission. Your score won't be updated once your submission is scored.
  2. If there is any sort of condition in which your submission does not satisfy the challenge's requirement, its score will be 0.

And that's it! Now, let's get back to this week's weekly challenge.


Inspired by the last year's first challenge, you have to write a program that finds a number's square root. BUT, as usual, with a twist! You are not allowed to use the arithmetic operators * and / (some languages use these for operations other than multiplication and division so they're fine there). You can also not use any external libraries, or the square root functions of any internal libraries of any language you might be using, or any special square root or square operators specific to your language. Same goes for exponentiation operators/pre-defined functions - not allowed.

It is also fine if your program cannot find the square root in case the number is not a perfect square, the minimum requirement is for the program to be able to detect at least the square roots of perfect squares.

Note that first your output is judged and only if it can be figured out without having to look at the code, will the code be judged. Basically, you just have to add prompts that tell the user what to enter and what each value is. For example:

This is wrong

This is right

If you have any further questions, you can ask them via the comments section, and if you don't, I would still recommend going through the comments section as they may contain some extra information.

The criteria for scoring is subjective but there are points for creativity, uniqueness, clean code, etc.

Also, you may find @DynamicSquid hosting these alongside me so just know that those are official too and you will be getting scores for those.

Good luck to all the replers, have fun and hack away!

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@MattDESTROYER Haha yes! I thought of that. It is multiplying but in the way of repeated addition. I thought of that too, just working on the Pygame parts in my code : )