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Developer Spotlights : Replish > replit desktop!
TheDrone7 (1897)

Good morning/evening replers, hope you all are safe and doing fine!

Today we have one more developer spotlight featuring one of the most epic community members - @leon332157


@leon332157's name is Leon, he is 17 and lives in Belmont, MA. He was lucky enough to meet Amjad back in 2019.

Leon wanted his spotlight to have points instead of paragraphs so beware.

  • He wanted to learn about programming because he loved computers since he was little.
  • One day he came across the book "Programming with Python" in 2015.
  • Back then, nodejs wasn't really popular so the easiest language to get started with was Python.
  • He started the self-learning process, from watching videos and looking at example codes, he was able to quickly understand the concepts and transition to a language like JavaScript.
  • He came across replit in about 2018 when he was looking for an online IDE.
  • To him, it was a great tool to set up environments that take a lot of effort to set up on a desktop/laptop.
  • He thinks replit still has a lot of potentials to be improved on. He once said, "I don't use replit daily, but I strive to improve it through my effort".


Some of @leon332157's projects are

Replit desktop

His biggest personal project so far. It's a desktop app for replit which brings many enhancements and features to the website. However, replit being an in-browser IDE, the desktop app just isn't a big enough appeal for everyone.

He is working on another project called replish. Which is a hybrid HTTP/ssh server and should eventually allow you to use replit as a development environment for VScode. Contact him on the Replit Discord(leon332157#6808) or GitHub if you are interested in contributing!

Other Info

Besides working with code, I also enjoy playing games and I'm also a computer hardware enthusiast.

A quote from Leon:

I believe that we are living in the matrix, do you?

The End

And that's it for this week's developer spotlight! If you want to be featured in one of these yourself, be sure to post awesome stuff on repl talk and keep an eye out on your discord DMs and e-mail inbox!
Also, if you have any feedback for the spotlights, be sure to put them in the comments section. Any constructive feedback is always appreciated!

Thank you for reading all this. See you all next time with another amazing developer from the community!

leon332157 (319)

HI everyone, thanks H for this spotlight opportunity. If you are interested in joining me to make the replit experience better, feel free to send me a message in the replit discord or reply under.

Lord_Poseidon (170)

@leon332157 damnn I wanted to do a similar project a while ago and then they removed API access. Language? if it isn't js I'm in

PyCoder01 (55)

@leon332157 replit desktop looks awesome! It's light weight for an IDE that you can code many languages with! The only downside is that you need an internet connection.

leon332157 (319)

@Lord_Poseidon Are you asking about desktop or replish

ch1ck3n (2054)

erm why is this not pinned for me but there is a pin icon on the post...

Whippingdot (652)


Also @SpotandJake I agree that you need a spotlight...

FlaminHotValdez (685)

He was lucky enough to meet Amjad back in 2019.

jealousy...I live 50 miles away from Replit HQ, maybe someday I'll meet Amjad? :thonk:

Spotandjake (35)

Lol h leon is not active on rt lol and you said cannot have one becuase I not active on rt lol I feel like you just don't want to do one on me now lol

TheDrone7 (1897)

@Spotandjake Well, Leon is cool enough to not need to be active here, you're not.

SPOILER ALERT: Next spotlighted person is similar.

firefish (947)

you're not

@Spotandjake yeah maybe we should demote @TheDrone7 from mod status

TheDrone7 (1897)

@firefish I'm not mod, I make mods.

firefish (947)

@TheDrone7 If you aren't mod... then why does repl.it say you are?

TheDrone7 (1897)

I mean, I do have mod powers I just have superior powers too. @firefish

firefish (947)

@TheDrone7 Ah, so you are a supermod then?

Spotandjake (35)

@firefish lol i dont really care i am just messing with H lol. I am not that active on rt tbh lol.

JDOG787 (436)

@leon332157 Congrats on getting a dev spotlight!

ch1ck3n (2054)

The matrix gif is POGGERS!!

R0bl0x10501050 (2)

lol you got a post about you leon gg

Bookie0 (6262)

Woahhh you met our CEO in person; Amjad — in a Starbucks?!

Smh should have been at repl.it HQ but meeting the man himself is already spectacular!!!!

alanchen12 (31)

Is this a face reveal

alanchen12 (31)

Also, the bullet points make it seem kinda short lol

Spotandjake (35)

@Codemonkey51 apparently this is spam according to the bot lol reporting now lol jk