TheDrone7 (2002)

Hello Replers, one week ago, THE RELAY JAM ended. Today, I am here to announce its results. So let's get straight to those!

And the winners are: -

@SixBeeps : Check out their awesome music sequencer here!
@EpicGamer007 : Check out their recreation of Tetris here! Be warned that this was not fully completed.
@JDOG787 : Check out their slightly modified Conway's Game of Life here!

And that's it! Congratulations to the winners!

The winners can claim their prizes by contacting via E-Mail to [email protected]

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Whippingdot (721)

Bro i am trash, i wanted to finish one project and I messed it up for @firefish and @VulcanWM. I am really sorry guys, you could've won and gotten money... 😭😭

firefish (969)

@Whippingdot our projects were very bad (or at least mine) anyway. School got in the way (i.e. coming home at 5pm, wasting most of the day) and we both passed broken stuff to each other, that neither of us could fix because the other person didn't use python backend nor nodejs backend respectively. I don't mean to be rude or anything, but if you were in our team there would be no difference as to the outcome.

Whippingdot (721)

well i don't know why but that lifted my spirits (lol and no offense taken) @firefish

DynamicSquid (5070)

@firefish Try to use words like "very bad" instead :)

firefish (969)

that lifted my spirits

@Whippingdot I worded it like that deliberately... I'm not saying it was a lie though


@firefish bc of how school is for me, I cant even try competing :( ik its summer but my parents put me in so many classes I cant even try in this jam

Whippingdot (721)

kk... @firefish

@adityavengata sad for you :(

Not good 4 u ;) lol