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🤖APP OF THE WEEK: SynthRogue 🤖
katyadee (1273)

This week's App of the Week is @antonmata's SynthRogue, the winner of our Music Hackathon!

Based on the visual programming language Orca, Synthrogue is a game where you indirectly control a robot by programming its moves in advance via a step sequencer. From @antonmata: "If you are a musician, you can think of this as a programmable toy synth with a game visualizer!"

P.S. Try forking SynthRogue to hack your own levels.

firefish (985)

@PDanielY Erm... I think this is a problem

firefish (985)

@PDanielY The fact that no people other than you have commented on this in the past 2 months... It's not like this post is buried at the bottom of pile