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Python Operating System Version 2.1.9!
hg0428 (192)


cd - change directory
ls -list the contents of the current working directory
pwd - show the current print
mkdir - make directory
mkf - make file
rm - remove a file or directory
exit - exit
editf - edit file
help - shows commands and thier uses
echo - prints first argument
function - make your own function
eracef - eraces a file
apps - view and use apps
openf - read a file
cpp - compile c++ file
python - python3 interpreter
clear - clear the screen
./ - execute a file
cp - copy
mv - move
$(var name) = (value) - define variable that you can use in any command

Please comment any ideas or bugs!

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Now you can make your own functions and make Variables!!


is this a troll post?
you can just call os.system(command here) and do the exact same thing as this, without the 20000 hardcoded lines.


@hg0428 because this entire thing can be simplified to 1 line, os.system(cmd)

TristanMisja (36)

@hg0428 No joke this repl is awesome it's practically like the actual terminal

RyderCrummie (2)

bruh this is the best, me upvote


Highwayman (1441)

One thing, you forgot to make an option to exit the repl/shell/os entirely like exit in bash.