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House (from python with turtle)
Rasum (23)

This is a program made through python (with turtle). In it, I have made a drawing of a small hut.
Enjoy repling!

OwenBradstreet (128)

Maybe add the link to the program so we can try it out, instead of just a screenshot?


GeorgeShaw5 (0)

ye thats a really smart idea owen, you a clever person

GeorgeShaw5 (0)

damn boi
dats one gooddddooodododoodododoo house

Inshall (0)

I am unable to find this template if you allow me to erase all and use it for myself

Shnyia (0)

How did you make a house when I'm doing it. I mess up I don't know what I'm doing wrong. Can you help me?