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Clicker Test Game (For upcoming project)
CatR3kd (568)

Small Clicker Game!

Hey guys! Hope you like my little game!
What should I add? Is anything broken? What would make it more fun?
P.S. I suck at node.js and this project will eventually need some of that, so if your willing to help, tell me!

CatR3kd <3

InvisibleOne (3197)

Nice, I like the css, really well done. The only think I would want to add is a save function, so when I come back and put my username in again I still have all my points

InvisibleOne (3197)

Oh yeah, is it ok if I add you game to my robot (basically it can recommend games for the user)

CatR3kd (568)

Don't worry the full version that'll hopefully come includes this. (:@InvisibleOne

CatR3kd (568)

But, Make sure to switch it to the full version when it [email protected]

InvisibleOne (3197)

I will, just tag me when you post it so I get notified @CatR3kd

firefish (953)

You have to tag him in the post by putting a space between the text and the tag, like this -> @CatR3kd

CatR3kd (568)

Yea ik I just forgot lol @firefish

CursorsDev (729)

I totally did not open the debugger and gave myself macros.

ch1ck3n (2340)

I reccomend putting

*{overflow-x: hidden;}

in the CSS.

ch1ck3n (2340)

uhh sir i think you need to prevent cheating

CatR3kd (568)

Yeah bro it'll be coming lol @ch1cken

CatR3kd (568)

Yep, full version coming soon! @LTI2

LTI2 (116)

@CatR3kd i mean the name is clicker(for secret project) shouldn't it be secret

Techcraft7 (6)

window.setInterval(() => clickButton(), 1)

Yashmit (0)

But my progress went away. You should really add a saving tool or something...

Yashmit (0)

I <3 this game. So simple yet so fun!
P.S-I'm at 300,000 per click and 100,000 for auto clicker and 250 on auto clicker buyer.

Yashmit (0)

Hmmmmm..... I might or might not have found your secret project. I will not spoil it.

Yashmit (0)

@Yashmit when you do the update, please?

CatR3kd (568)

Within the week, hopefully! @Yashmit

Bigbodyboy21 (24)

the autoclicker is sortof broken

Yashmit (0)

How are you soo good at this?
This itself is the trending project in repl!
Congratulations @CatR3kd !!!!!!

BjarneJans (0)

I discovered from a project on school. I was just messing around and looking at examples and decided to look at others their work. I find this inspiring but simple (wich I like :p) and wish you luck with improving this and making other games.

CoderX1 (0)

$190000 and counting

akein23icloudco (0)

e i got $169b+ like in 4hrs or something nice game btw

CatR3kd (568)

Jeez is it really that fun? @akein23icloudco

P.S. We are working on a competetive update, you might be good at it!

Zachary007 (9)

wow I love this game, so far im at 12k clicks per sec

Pizzaz4me (57)

you should add some features that bring action into the game

MateusZ3 (0)

It is really interesting
I recommend disabling the space/enter keys since this way I can spam my way to get more money faster

userSM (260)

I made a simple autoclicker with python for this

parker02311 (4)

You know you can give yourself cash?

OctagonalT (9)

@CatR3kd You can do ctrl + shift + i and do

money = 99999
document.getElementById("usermoney").innerHTML = localStorage.getItem("username") + " - $" + money;
parker02311 (4)

@CatR3kd Using inspect elements console all you have to do is type

money = 100000000000000000000000000
FloCal35 (670)

Can't wait to see the final product ;)

CatR3kd (568)

Yeah I'm pretty exited too! @FloCal35

WarHawkAB (0)

Thanks @CatR3kd

I want to save my progress :(

Upvoted BTW

CatR3kd (568)

Thanks! look out for updates (; @WarHawkAB

BillyBad88 (0)

Thank you for helping me with my procrastination :))))

tankerguy1917 (178)

works perfectly. good job

CatR3kd (568)

Thanks! Be sure to check in for some updates... @tankerguy1917

CatR3kd (568)

It may be awhile, so be prepared for something awesome! @tankerguy1917