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Battle Game Made With Python
ruiwenge2 (1135)

You can choose your own character to battle the computer's character.

Important: Please answer with the correct case or it won't understand you.

How to play

You can either choose your character or get a random character.
When it's your turn, you choose a move. The move will either do damage to the computer's character or heal itself.
The computer will choose its own move.
The character who doesn't have any more health loses.

I have updated this game so that you can be both the hero or the villain.

If you like this game, you can take a look at my Word Ping Pong Game.

WilliamLindenbe (20)

For all of your case-sensitive equations, use the


for example:

elif answer.lower() == 'r':
AsherVinson1 (5)

dude, i love it! its so fun to play, and its made in python, my favorite language!

AsherVinson1 (5)

@ruiwenge2 do you want to join my team? just wondering

nbbcsf (14)

@AsherVinson1 that's because python is super easy

langcao (3)

@ruiwenge2 you can use if character.lower() == 'modevort' or stuff like that to make it understand all cases

nbbcsf (14)

@JWZ6 lol compared to other languages (Java, C++, BrainF (jk)). That's why all beginners you Python.

SudhanshuMishra (250)

@JWZ6 btw your profile looks cool

Whippingdot (675)

bruh um python is easy compared to C++ and all @JWZ6

JWZ6 (711)

@Whippingdot ik but like it is kinda hard in my opinion, linking all those stuff, Django, flask etc

FlaminHotValdez (715)

@JWZ6 the syntax is super simple and easy to understand

JWZ6 (711)

I mean for some people maybe, but I’m not that guy so yeah... @FlaminHotValdez

AsherVinson1 (5)

@JWZ6 true, i have a hard time creating different projects other than a python rock paper scissors! lol

codingjlu (481)

@JWZ6 well if you're no beginner you should know.

JWZ6 (711)

@codingjlu i mean, i do know. it's just im not so gud with it. like yeah

codingjlu (481)

@JWZ6 ooh exactly 400 cycles!!

JackFranzel (29)

Is it set up so the computer is bad?

ServeurChef (3)

i never try to cheat

DrPogtato (3)

Hi, me and my friend both loved this game and the fact that it's in the only language we know made us want to take the game and enhance it. The two of us started working on adding polish to the game and did a bunch of edits such as adding new characters, creating a two player mode, making it so you can type numbers that correspond to each attack rather than having to type it out and making inputs case independent. We wanted to get permission from you to post the game after we finish adding stuff giving full credit to the combat system and any ideas in from the original game, we would leave links to your replit page and the original game.

noway15 (97)

woah woah woah my dude how in the world are you even making it work with player importing helper and helper importing player? That's an impossible thing and returns an error every time. Here's an exapmle. We have a module named m1 and a module named m2. m1 is accessing and modifying m2's data, and then m2 accesses the data in m1, taking and keeping it's own modified data, then modifying the modifications made by m1, then m1 takes that data and modifies it again, and so on in an endless loop.

bwoop (177)

i think this might have gotten a little out of hand...

iocoder (164)

nice (also negatives shouldn't be allowed)

Voldemort : killing curse
Voldemort did 50 damage to Pikachu
Voldemort  health:  56
Pikachu  health:  -15
Pikachu has no more health...
You win!
Want to play another round? y/n
Username543210 (17)

Is this supposed to happen?

ruiwenge2 (1135)

@Username543210 did you use the "think" move?
it raises spiderman's energy by 0.15. so if you used think once, and used another move that does some damage, it will raise the damage by 0.15

ruiwenge2 (1135)

You can also take a look at another game I made with Python called Word Ping Pong:

Ge1G (1)

Bruh “Thanoses health (villain) (computer) was -1 what the ####”

Ge1G (1)

Oh wait now it’s -16

Slade123 (0)

That’s should be cool downs so that enemy can’t heal all the time but this is a great game

TonyWu4 (4)

jedi is kind of OP ngl

IsaacIsAwesome (1)

I have to say, this game was very well made. Voldemort seems to be amazing at healing since creating Horcrux gives a lot of health, but Spiderman seems to be a good set up attacker, as using think a lot could be dangerous. Pikachu/Raichu, though, is a very broken character, as it can easily heal by evolving or devolving because of how its hp resets back to 100. Pikachu/Raichu block is also really good since it heals and damages at the same time. Overall, this game was really fun to play and addictive too. If only I had the skills to do something like this...

BillNyeScience (96)

We found the reason why Moldy Voldy has no nose

noway15 (97)

I found a problem with pikachu's special move, the number doesn't actually go down when you use it.

noway15 (97)

that was close...

RonaB (0)

oh this is kinda like my dungeons games

wiscool5 (0)

you should make it so that when you defeat your enemy, it wouldn't show negative numbers, but instead 0

wiscool5 (0)

I'm forking it so that I can make suprise, I won't tell you version

BillNyeScience (96)

Moldy Voldy's spell rebounded

looks like he borrrowed a spellotape wand

ianlum (0)

Force whirlwind is too OP and does too much damage. You can reduce the damage.
You can also set numbers to the moves and characters. e.g:

  1. pikachu
  2. hercules


ruiwenge2 (1135)

@ianlum you can only use that move twice.

PureCalamity (0)

thanos snap is way to op...

TimLin5 (0)