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How to use Replit
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How to use Replit

First off, using the repl platform.


Using repl should be pretty self-explanatory, if you want to create a repl, all you have to do is click the blue plus in the top right corner of the screen, and then select the language you would like for your repl.
After created a repl, you should see three things. An area for writing code in the middle, an output (or two outputs depending on the language) on the right. And on your left, there should be a menu. In this menu you can manage the files in your repl, manage your repl database (if you are using one), and change the settings for the editor.


Alright, the main screen of repl should look like this:

Screen Shot 2020-12-11 at 4.50.27 PM

In the middle, there should be some quick buttons for editing your recently used files. As well as some quick buttons for created a new repl in your favorite langs. Beneath that is the trending reals. These repls that have been shared in the share section of the talk board that a bunch of people liked. There are also some great tutorials there for you to read if you like. On your left, you should have an option bar.
At the top left corner, you should see a little menu button, your username with a dropdown that let’s you edit your user. And finally a little bell. This bell is your notifications bell, and it will have a number next to it when you have notifications.
Beneath your username, there is a button to create a repl, and then beneath that a button to view all your repls. And then there is the ‘Talk’ button. This button let’s you go to repl talk. I’ll talk about that in the next section. Then you have notifications, which opens up your notifications in a larger area so they are easier to read.
Then languages, templates, tutorials, and teams, which is currently in beta mode. Below that is help and resources.
Teams let’s you create teams that other people can join, so you can work together on repls. And it is worth checking out.


Repl talk is split up into several boards.
All : Which is all the boards together
Anouncements: This is where you can read the latest announcements
Ask: This is an area that needs a bit more explanations. Ask is the place where you can asking coding questions if you need help. And other replers will help you. However, there are some rules.
First off, don’t spam, and don’t ask uncoding related questions
Second, don’t ask people to code you something, try coding it yourself and if you get stuck ask for advice for where to move on next, but don’t post questions like:

Can somebody make my a discord bot?

I need somebody to make me a program that does my math

Third, and this goes along with the second one, don’t post your homework, you need to do that yourself or you are never going to learn.
And finally, don’t just post ‘Help me!’ And not clearly describe the problem, the steps to recreate it, and give the code.
Now, you can also answer questions in the ask space, and if your answer is correct, the person asking the question can mark it as correct, and you will get 5 cycles. Now, what are cycles you may ask? My explanation is in the next section.
When answering questions, you should be respectful, people might ask for help on some stuff that is pretty simple to you, gently try and help them without drowning them in computer speak.
Also, don’t try and answer a question if you don’t know the answer.


Before I continue to the other parts of repl talk, I think that I need to talk about cycles.
Definition: Useless internet points that have no bearing on your skill as a coder, your worth to the platform, or how famous you are.
Cycles are that little number next to your name. You get one for every time that somebody upvotes your comment or post, or you get five if someone marks your answer as correct.
The issue with cycles is that for some reason people think that they are somehow worth something. So people cycle farm or use bots to upvote their posts so they get more cycles. This is wrong and you shouldn’t do it. If you really want cycles, make quality posts, work hard and coding, and people will upvote your projects.

Now for the rest of the spaces

Now, there are four other spaces. Jam, is the space were coding jams are held.
Tutorials: Tutorials is the space where you can read or write tutorials about code stuff. There is a huge wealth of knowledge here and I suggest reading them, as you will learn a ton about coding. Same as with ask, don’t spam the tutorials space, and don’t write stupid tutorials that don’t help anybody (aka ‘hello world in lots of different languages’, now who would do that?)
Share: Share is the space where you can share your projects, or see other people’s projects. Don’t spam this space with junk, make cool projects that aren’t dumb, like ‘Hello World’ programs. Also, please don’t post your homework here, it just clogs up the space and makes it hard for people’s projects to get seen.
Templates: Templates is what I would call the least active space. It’s a space where you can find templates for projects, and then use them in your own project, there are loads of cool templates and using them will help speed up your project build time, just remember to credit the creator!


If somebody is breaking the rules, report their post /comment with the little report button beneath their post or comment and then let the mods handle it.

Screen Shot 2020-12-11 at 4.49.54 PM


Now, replit posts and comments are formatted with markdown, which is a great way to format your posts and make them look awesome. For those of you that don’t know markdown, you can look beneath a post or comment and see a little bit of text to the right that says something like “style your post with markdown!”

Screen Shot 2020-12-11 at 4.47.13 PM

You can click on the little link and read an awesome tutorial by JSer, but here is the basics.
Headers, basically big text, is made with the ‘#’ symbol. The more that you have, the small the text will be.
### Even smaller text
#### smaller
##### almost the smallest
###### smallest
This formatted is:



Even smaller text


almost the smallest

Formating italic and bold is easy
You can also do:
> notes


You can also format your text into a code block, with on each side. Like this:this is codeA multiline code block is made with three in a row. You can also make your code colored by the language by putting the code extension at the end of the top three little marks. Like this:

Multiline code! It’s really cool


If you want to notify the mods about something, you can tag, @moderation

Also, don’t go around pinging people because it can be annoying.
Don’t claim you wrote the code if you didn’t, always credit the creator.
Respect the mods
If you aren’t sure about something ask
Don’t make alt accounts and use them to upvote your accounts. Having alt accounts is ok, I even have one for testing, but don’t use them for upvoting your posts.
Respect other coders even if they aren’t your level.
Don’t hate on noobs
If somebody accidentally leaves their firebase credentials lying around, don’t hack their firebase. (I’m looking are you @firefish)
Change your profile pic to something cool
Code every day
And most importantly:
Have fun!

SOURCES: - How to answer a question.

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@InvisibleOne Well, just a thing, I did make a tutorial on how to steal REPL_DBs, only to realise there was more protection than I thought. Upon running a repl that is not owned by yourself, You create a disposable "clone" container. You cannot modify anything in the container through the IDE. So the code can modify files, and so can some commands through bash. But nobody else can see your "clone" container, not even a new session. Reload, modifications are gone.

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Interesting @firefish