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How to create a python package on repl.it!
isaiah08 (80)


In this tutorial, I'm gonna show you how to create a python package and publish it to pypi. Many people say this is impossible on repl.it. It is not. Though you can't do it using a generic approach, but using poetry, you can do it quite easily.

Part 1: coding your package

Start by creating a python repl. Then go to the bash shell (CTRL + SHIFT + S or CMD + SHIFT + S) and type poetry new mypackage. **Replace the mypackage with your package name. If when you import it, you want it to have underscores (my_package) , use dashes (my-package). Here is what you should see:

Go to package-name/package-name/__init__.py. You should see one thing:

This is where you add your package code. I'll add some basic stuff:

Part 2: Publishing your package

Now you can publish your package so others can use it! Create an account on pypi. In the bash shell, type cd package-name. Again, replace package-name with your package name. After that, type poetry update to update the dependencies for your package. Then type poetry build. Then poetry publish. When it asks for them, enter you pypi credentials. You are good to go!

To create a new release, simply change line one of package-name/package-name/__init__.py to 0.1.1, and line three of package-name/pyproject.toml. poetry update, poetry build, and poetry publish!

That's it!

IntellectualGuy (825)

Nice, I never knew how to do this

isaiah08 (80)

Neither did i till 10 minutes before i posted this :) @IntellectualGuy