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How to change your username
Coder100 (19279)

How to change your username

Please please please never ever do this! It's basically like deleting your account but you still have your repls (and they can't run) and a lot of other problems.

NOTE: You can only do this once.
NOTE: This has not been tested by me. I changed my username using the help of a mod.

Are you sure?

[ x ] Yes
[ ] No


Click here

Type in account

Type in change-username

Type in --username

Now, you can either

  • Use shell syntax to type in your username:
  • Use GUI


EpicGamer007 (1794)

WOOWWWW, Thanks A lot. I though I couldn't change it because I signed up with google. Now I can change it and no one will no my real name. This is great.

ch1ck3n (2874)

I changed my name. :D

ch1ck3n (2874)

@Coder100 It's only one letter, nothing wrong with it.

DigitCommander (39)

Nice project though

lightningrock (155)

i did this(before without the tutorial) but i can still run my repls

Coder100 (19279)

ah things probably have changed since the time i did it @lightningrock

lightningrock (155)

u just posted this 2h ago did u mean

ah things probably have changed before the time i did it


DakshAg07 (0)

I can't change by your way

w9j (0)

A much safer and VERY effective way to do this would be by using this link. https://replit.com/~?onboarding=1

Coder100 (19279)

yes because it doesn't work @8cx

w9j (0)

Works for me, changed mine Yesterday. @Coder100

KrishnaSingh17 (0)

I do it it doesn't update on my profile

TheBest156 (44)

Wow, you are really smart @Coder100 Amazing!

Chocolate16 (40)


EthanMeehan (2)

dude this can't be real
how would you know this is u haven't tested this urself?

MemeManHimself (106)

Changed mine to @MemeManHimself bc it was supposed to be @TheMemeManHimself but it didn't fit and it put @TheMemeManHimse , so tysm!

Name12 (161)

I probably won't change my username, but this might just come in handy sometimes. nice job.

Coder100 (19279)

haha thanks!
me neither changing username bad @Name12

Name12 (161)

yah @Coder100
because people will have a hard time knowing that it's you.

octopyBot (264)

hrm don't see why you don't want me to do it, I used to be sidThePlant, and now I can't see any of the other problems you mentioned.

Coder100 (19279)

haha that was old bug for me
i had a person manually do it @octopyBot

octopyBot (264)

@BuzzawJHKE O_o isn't that a gd buzzsaw? used to play when I was like 9 or something.

PizzaisGood (30)

Yay! I did it!!!I changed my name to PizzaisGood!!

Wilke000 (631)

I want to... I will update you on what it is soon!

Wilke000 (631)

@Wilke000 is my new username!! lol it is also my roblox name

Wilke000 (631)

Thanks @Coder100! I change it because I am no longer in STEAM

dillonjoshua68 (73)

@CodeLongAndPros, did u use bash in this case? Or a git repo?

CodeLongAndPros (1645)

How to get to admin version of the CLUI?

CodeLongAndPros (1645)

@Coder100 Well, the detective role...

HahaYes (1868)


HahaYes (1868)

@Coder100 "Everyone is equal, but I must be more equal" - HahaYes

HahaYes (1868)

@Coder100 hehe I must rule tutorial section or else


why did you put my name at the end of this tutorial

CakeyKitty (0)

Is this a Hacker account like not the actual hacking but the one on Rep.lit?

CakeyKitty (0)

I really needed to change my username but what code is it on Python?????

Coder100 (19279)

hello, this is not a code at all, this is a Native repl.it feature. Click here and type in the commands. @CakeyKitty