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What is the vision behind
amberxie (10)

What is your ultimate dream for the company?

amasad (3437)

Our vision is to create a programming environment that blurs the distinction between learning and building. A development experience where the tedious setup and maintenance of the environment is taken away and what's left is the programmer and their creativity. This programming experience would be powered by what we call a Holistic Development Service: an always-on service that understands your code in all its stages, a service that can be accessed anywhere you are regardless of your device, platform, or programming language.

We want to create a first of its kind developer platform that can be used to learn and practice programming, build and deploy applications, and share and discuss with a community of peers. We realize this is an ambitious plan, but we think it's high time someone built this. There is no good reason for the insane fragmentation in programming tools today -- someone learning to code needs to pick up at least ten disjointed tools and platforms to do anything interesting with programming.