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Is there a way to install Jekyll for Github Pages?
zachdyer (2)

I would like to run Jekyll to preview my Github Pages website. Is there a way I can install Jekyll and preview it using jekyll serve?

ThomasKalka (1)

Did anyone succeed using jekyll on

a5rocks (821)

Maybe using the console to install jekyll (f1 then search "shell")?

Or maybe add the jekyll ruby gem as a dependency...

zachdyer (2)

@a5rocks Can you install it using gem install jekyll? When I tried it, it said I didn't have permission for the gems directory.

a5rocks (821)

@zachdyer You could probably make a ruby repl, then use UPM (the little 3d box in the left) to install jekyll, and add a .replit file with run="jekyll serve"...

I'll make an example you can fork:
In progress

DarrenJansen (1)

@a5rocks Hey, sorry, I'm new to What is UPM? Is it an icon on the interface? Maybe I'll see the answer to my question after you finish your example...

I'm also trying to run Jekyll on

jeffhow (0)

I got Jekyll running by creating a Gemfile, then adding this to the .replit:

language = "ruby"
run = "bundle exec jekyll serve --host="