UnluckyFroggy (919)
Free Minecraft Server Template!
Here is a free Minecraft server template that you can run online for free! Your not going to see this very often (maybe never) so here it is. All you...
CodeLongAndPros (1589)
Private-Public repls
Sometimes you want to keep a file private but you don't have hacker. You can use this template. So to use it, place your code in a folder named `code`...
AbaanShanid (21)
Getting Started with Svelte
A small and simple calculator made with Svelte!
Zavexeon (1158)
Advanced Discord.js Bot Template (With database and extensions!)
## Advanced Modular Discord.js Bot Tempate ### Introduction So for a while now I've been working on a bot named Lilac2. I built I really in depth base...
YodaCode (87)
Quickstart Webserver
A way to get a web server up and running, quickly. It includes a static hosting folder, a bash file for importing modules, and a node.js file for opti...
Kudos (115)
Fortran support + Syntax highlighting!
I found out that repl.it has the fortran compiler built in, so I created a template for fortran! Enjoy!
CodeLongAndPros (1589)
DLang support
This template adds support for the D programming language. Please see https://repl.it/talk/learn/DLang-templatetutorial/42775 For more info on D.
doineednumbers (26)
Racket 8.0
Do you want to code Racket on replit? Do you not have Hacker and Racket exceeds the space limit? Use this template instead. This runs the Racket insta...
programmeruser (572)
Basil Template
This is a template for Basil, the winner of the programming language jam. If you see `exit status <x>` ignore it as it's a bug in the implementation.
HarveyRandall (9)
Basic starter for writing in .harvey
So I made my own programming language. Why, because I could! (not really I started working on this when repl did the language challenge) What makes i...
Kudos (115)
Haxe (language) template!
Run Haxe, a language not yet [officially] added to repl.it
programmeruser (572)
NASM Assembly Template
Assembly is [planned to be added](https://repl.it/language-requests/p/assembly-coding-in-replit) as a language but until then you can use Linux's NASM...
RayhanADev (1963)
Create Next App Boilerplate
Heya people! The `create-next-app` template in the templates section on Replit seems a bit outdated to me, so I decided to make a new boilerplate that...
programmeruser (572)
Vlang Template
I saw [this](https://repl.it/language-requests/p/v-language-support) language request and decided to make a template for Vlang.
ammarbinfaisal (9)
sbt repl
I made an sbt repl. Useful until repl.it officially introduces scala(sbt) repls. Check this [demo of simple web scraping using scala and java](https:...
xichao (1)
A discord bot template with many features
This template contains everything you need to get started with discord.py
GaneshaSharma (49)
Blank repl template
# Ever wanted to create a text repl, markdown repl? Well, this can give you like 40+ more languages! Just fork, and add what you need. > ### Hint: >...
programmeruser (572)
RISC-V Assembly Template with RARS
This is an assembly template for RISC-V, created with [RARS](https://github.com/TheThirdOne/rars). This is like the [NASM assembly template](https://r...
programmeruser (572)
WebAssembly Template
This template allows you to compile to WebAssembly from C, and run the resulting module in the browser.
Atias (7)
Project template for experimenting online with the Zig & V programming languages
Project template for experimenting online with the Zig & V programming languages. Zig: https://ziglang.org/ V: https://vlang.io/
puremintwater (6)
Git Directory
create git repository without needing wsl or using terminal
Atias (7)
A template for programming and experimenting with Free Basic with several examples
A template for programming and experimenting with Free Basic with several elementary examples. Free Basic website: https://www.freebasic.net/
programmeruser (572)
Mint Template
Template for the [Mint](https://mint-lang.org) programming language.
Atias (7)
Example of using HyLang (A Lisp dialect that compiles to Python)
Example of using HyLang, A Lisp dialect that compiles down to Python and can use python libraries directly with no need for wrapping/wrappers. You ca...
AphixDev (217)
Golang Gin Quickstart Template
Hey there! I was getting annoyed having to reinitialize gin projects and I finally decided to automate the process. To use this template, you will n...
programmeruser (572)
UEFI Assembly Template
This is a UEFI Assembly Template.
ironblockhd (425)
Assembly template
You can use this to run [assembly x86](https://www.cs.virginia.edu/~evans/cs216/guides/x86.html) by editing assembly.asm. It's quite complicated. You...
TheForArkLD (768)
StackLangSharp Template
Hi everyone. This is template for StackLangSharp. StackLangSharp is Stack-based Reverse polish notation programming language. Written by C#. # **Some...