aminebenyounes1 (0)
Advanced discord music bot template
A very advanced and clean discord bot to play music in your server!
Zeleninemail (2)
Pikachu (remade)
Sorry I posted the wrong repl. Of the last one I’m sure that it will draw pikachu
BanditGamer (1)
Happy B-day
i have been doing python for a year now and i came up with this. can you please tell me if its good? also make sure to type in number 0-20
KavishDhamija (1)
FASTAPI Template
Python template to get started with fastapi
Every single use of strings in python (Well, maybe not every single use)
Strings in python can do a lot of things.
pikachu223 (0)
Help me for this project
Help me for this project Animal Trivia
l198881 (0)
Chalk version Number #1. 21/04/2021
Irulian (4)
URL Shortener Template [Python]
Here is a URL shortener that you can make your own.
pomaranczowek (1)
Music template
This template show you the begginer music, change things, url and other things
AstrumDeorum (66)
Clicker Game Template
This is the basic framework for making a clicker game. It has the basic displays for cookie count and cps and functions for clicking the cookie and bu...
Jet1234 (0)
Lockdown command
//Creator: Jet#9308 //Lockdown command //Node.js Discord only = async (client, message, args) => { const roleA = await message.guild.rol...
puremintwater (6)
Git Directory
create git repository without needing wsl or using terminal
Bookie0 (6031)
Sci-fi/Space Theme Portfolio Template Site
# Hey! Here is a Portfolio Template Site, made in `HTML` `CSS` `JS`! But it's not like any other template that you just fork (though you can fork thi...
AbhijayMedida (1)
Talking Animation in Lua! Template
Here is the template where you can code if you want
UnlegendaryPro (4)
Webpage Template
# A Simple Webpage Template! *** ## Includes: * Home Page * Projects Section * Bio * And Contacts! You Can Add More 😉
Makashiyt (0)
Simpler Discord Bot
A simple Discord bot you can set up in seconds! It a lot of features also!
EpicRaisin (250)
JS Canvas Template
Looking through the templates, I didn't see any that was a template for pure JS canvas. There were some for libraries, but none that show raw canvas i...
AndrewAung11 (14)
Follow the instructions given in `` file!
Snowy1011 (2)
How to make a Discord.js Bot
Hi there! This template is for starting off with a basic moderation/Economy bot. This is programmed with node.js. Requirements: Knowing a little bit...
Atias (7)
A template for programming and experimenting with Free Basic with several examples
A template for programming and experimenting with Free Basic with several elementary examples. Free Basic website:
Export file template
Export a string and import it in another file.
Cheesehasman (19)
My portfolio template (feel free to use it :) )
# About the template ## This is just a simple template that you can use to show of your skills, talk about yourself, get in touch with others and get...
pro1006828 (0)
Space Adventure
I really didn't know what to do execpt this P.S Sorry if my spelling is bad
nikosikon3 (0)
Poker Online - The Key Differences Between Three Card Stud, Multi-Tabling and One Table Poker
Online poker is simply the modern version of bridge or billiards, though with considerably more fun! Poker online is also responsible for quite a grow...
InvisibleOne (2681)
MongoDB Template
A helpful template for saving stuff in python with MongoDB.
AbaanShanid (21)
Express + React
A simple template for an express server that serves React, without server side rendering
TimothyWaldron (0)
Free Moderation bot (feel free to fork it)
all you need to do is add your token and some channel id's and your good to go! Also this is node.js also known as javascript just so you know
WilliamXing (46)
Template for a Store
# Store Template Howdy, y'all! This is just a store template. It is kind of (not really) simple, and you can use it to build a store website.
doineednumbers (26)
Racket 8.0
Do you want to code Racket on replit? Do you not have Hacker and Racket exceeds the space limit? Use this template instead. This runs the Racket insta...
AbaanShanid (21)
Getting Started with Svelte
A small and simple calculator made with Svelte!